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Wadi El Rayan Nature Protectorate in Faiyum | Waterfalls in Wadi El Rayan

After Ras Muhammad, Saint-Catherine, and Elba Mountains, Wadi El-Rayan Reserve is one of the most important nature reserves in Egypt. Wadi Al-Rayan lakes cover an area of 45,000 acres and are three lakes that are visited by thousands of people all over the republic, especially because of their importance.

Wadi el Rayan is known for its interconnected wilderness ecosystem including sand dunes, natural eyes, flora, and fauna. It is rich with fish fossils and sea mammals that were present in the area until 40 or 30 million years ago, when it was flooded with seawater (Wadi Al-Hitan region)

In terms of research, importance, and a wide variety of natural and environmental elements, Wadi Al-Rayan is one of the largest Naturally Protected Reserves in Egypt. It is situated 25 km from the town of El Fayoum and is located in El Fayoum, in southwest Cairo.

There are currently more than 15 wildlife species, some uncommon or threatened with extinction, in the El Rayan Wadi Reserve. It also includes 16 reptile species and over 100 resident and migratory bird species.

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