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Tuna El-Gabal Village

Sand hid its characteristics, and the air temperature had an effect on the houses' walls that seemed to collapse totally. It is the village of "New Tuna Al Jabal" to the south of Minya, a dream that sank in the wilderness and transforms passers-by from the western desert into Malawi, south of Minya Across the road.

Tuna El-Gabal, located about 7 km from the Ashmunin River and the center of Mallawi, was once the capital and is the latter necropolis of the city of Ashmunin, the 15th district of Upper Egypt.

Its name comes out from the ancient Egyptian slogan of "Tahani," which means the lake, which refers to a lake created in the area as a result of the flood of the River Nile, which became Greek "towns," in Arabic "Thun" and in mountainous regions "El Gabal," meaning the mountain.

The tuna cemetery of mountain Thun is significant because it emphasizes the intermarriage of old Egyptian and Greek art aspects. The area consists of one of Akhenaten's panels and catacombs for mountain tuna, a large group of rock roads that buried sacred ibis and monkeys, as well as the tomb of the high priest "Petoziers"

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