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The Ruins of Tanis in Egypt

At the north-east end of the Nile Delta are the ruins of Tanis. Since it is more than 70 km away from the already remote Zagazig, it is a little-used by visitors. Tanis has come back to one of the most remarkable treasures of Egyptology, a very important tomb site of the last few centuries of the Pharaonic civilization. Discover more with Cairo Top Tours!

Ruins from the 6th dynasty, including large blocks and fragments of Ramses temple statues in Arnon, have been founded during the scouting. Numerous preserved graves of the 21st dynasty and 22nd dynasty, including Psusenne I and Sheshonq have been discovered in the Royal necropolis in the southern part of the temple. The glorious treasures of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, including silver sarcophagi, gold masks, and the pharaohs' jewelry.

Tanis or Djanet was the trade town built around a temple building in its heyday, during the 11th dynasty and the 12th dynasty of Egypt history, and consists of an extensive sanctuary dedicated to Amun surrounded by several small temples and chapels, surrounded by the traditional raw brick walls.

Today only a few paved areas of the entire city remain, filled with weeds and a wealth of dispersed bricks, rooting columns, and smashed statues. In the 1960s, excavations began at Mariette, but in 1939 the French archaeologist, Pierre Montet, found some untouched king's graves, the only inviolate buries beyond that of Tutankhamen, which was made the most important find.

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