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The Hawara Pyramid Archaeological Site

A pyramid, built by Pharaoh Amenemhat III after the first pyramid, which was built at Dahshur in Southwest of Cairo, is the Hawara Pyramid. This pyramid was also constructed with mud bricks and then coated with calcareous stone from the outside.

Amenemhat is the third of the kings of the twelfth dynasty of the Middle Kingdom in Hawara Village, which is 9 km southeast of the city of Fayoum, paved with calcareous stone. The Hawara Pyramid is one of the pyramids of Egypt and was founded by the Pharaoh of Egypt Amenemhat.

The original height of the pyramid was 58 m, and each side was 105 m long, but only 20 m high, after the erosion, the pyramid contains several vestibules and chambers, finishing with the burial chamber, and found a giant quartzite sarcophagus of stone of up to 100t. The door was closed with a doorstep of 110t. The robbers could not enter from this door into the room, but through an opening in the ceiling, they succeeded in achieving it and plundered and burnt the funerals.

King Amenemhat the third began building his second pyramid in the 15th year of his reign and gave it the name “Amenemhath Ankh” which means Amenemhat lived. The angle of the pyramid's slope has grown to 5 and 48 degrees.

In ancient times it was lost, but climatic erosion occurred on the pyramid's main body. The exterior covering of a pyramid was made as normal from limestone. The pyramid's height was 58 meters, and now it is approximately 20 meters and is considered to be the last pyramid that was built during the period of the Pharaohs of that great magnitude.

The pyramid has been diving the ground and entrance for 20 years and no responsible body, whether the antiquity authorities or the Ministry of Irrigation, has ever been able to pump the water, as it needs one of the canals to be carried by the pyramid, causing the pyramid to leak from the pyramid.

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