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El Minya City

In the center of Egypt, Al-Minia is a small town. Although the tourist map does not attract much interest, it was a powerful regional capital in Egypt. The Minya became an underlying center of influence and continued to govern central Egypt via the central kingdom during the Old Kingdom, where the Memphis authority collapsed.

Minya, situated about 240 km south of Cairo, has a comfortable environment that is not only a nice city on the Nile but also buildings that record the ancient wealth of Minya, a flourishing cotton industry hub. It's a semi-industrial town today, but the environment in the countryside can still breathe. Minya city is a nice location for quiet walks thanks to its green squares, its pretty tree-lined avenues, and the majestic Italian-style villas designed by the sector. It is a pleasant starting point for exploring the region's archaeological areas.

Al Minya has the greatest past and the most beautiful tombs in Egypt that it has since King Akhnatoun also chose to choose a site that has a wide desert and a river Nile, and he runs away from Luxor to Al Minya. Is the most beautiful tomb in all its history.

Al-Minya is a historical masterpiece owing to the evolution and streamlining of ancient cultures, today it is one of Egypt's most extraordinary Travel Packages destinations. Al-Minya actually lives in approximately 4 million Egyptians and is in many respects a geographical and historical center of Egypt, 230 Km south of Cairo along the Nile. Indeed, until about 700 years ago this City had been the Capital of Egypt when Akhenaten and the lovely Queen Nefertiti lived in the village of Tel el Amarana, the Markaz of Malawi Centre. A visit to this site enables you to visit nearly a dozen museums and funerary sites and admire the original sculptures, monuments, and paintings transmitted up to today.

During Pharaohs, Romans, and the Abbasid dynasty of the caliph, its position was of great significance. It has several ways of finding its tourists. Old architecture, authentic Greek agoras, Christian basilicas, ruins of a Ramses II temple, the Virgin Mary Church, and even 1930s homes. Tourists are still going to beautiful city sights, decorating their luminous walls that depict a mix of everyday activities from ancient Egyptian life. Speos Artemidos remains are roughly 1 1⁄2 miles from the cemetery. The rock temple, like her temple near Luxor, was ordered by Queen Hatshepsut and honors Hathor's Gods.

Minya is the birthplace of civilization, where the history is still very kind, where new tombs have been found over 2000 years ago, and archaeologists love it because it has become a great town and is a new piece that will help to uncover Ancient Egypt's secrets.

Minya also hosts Akhenaten's small museum, which is unique in the history of Pharaonic Egypt. From 1352 BC the Kingdom of Egypt was ruled by Akhenaten, whose name is Amenhotep the Fourth. Sixteen years. After he quickly took over, he changed his name by admiring God Athen's monotheistic devotions and forbidding the older faith. He built another capital, named the Sisters, now known as Tel el-Amarna, and currently settles about 30 miles south of Minya. During Akhenaten's reign, even the art displayed was totally different.

To see how Akhenaten's art is different, visit the Amarna Era Room in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. After his death, the priestly institution tried hard to ruin Akhenaten's legacy, including his building town. Today, Al Minya also offers numerous international hotels and resorts that combine entertainment, culture, and relaxation with merit for a complete holiday.

But the myth of Akhenaten and his wife, Nefertiti, is still on the horizon. Now there are scattered rests from the old town founded in Tell el-Amarne. When you are in Minya, it might also be worth visiting the vestiges of the pharaoh's legacy in Tel el-Amarna.

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