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Why you should ignore the headlines and visit Egypt now

The number of tourists visiting Egypt from all over the world reached 4.9 million tourists who have the ability to visit the Egyptian tourist attractions through Egypt Shore Excursions.

if you intend to visit Cairo and Alexandria landmarks you can try Alexandria Shore Excursions to explore the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian museum through the Cairo Day Trip from Alexandria or visit Saqqara to see the step pyramid of king Djoser through a Day tour to Giza Pyramid and Sakkara from Alexandria port. you can also visit the Islamic Cairo and the Egyptian Museum during a magnificent tour to Islamic Cairo and the museum from Alexandria port. Have a delicious lunch and a folkloric show during the tour of the Giza Pyramids and the Nile cruise from Alexandria port. Spend an unforgettable overnight in Cairo and go shopping in Khan EL-Khalili bazaar through the overnight trip to Cairo from Alexandria port. you will be able to visit the attractions of the Greco-Roman city during 2 days trip to Cairo and Alexandria from Alexandria port. it's your chance to visit the port said while having Cairo tour from Alexandria return to port said. you can have a camel ride in the oldest wonders of the world built by the great Pharaohs of ancient Egypt during the Giza Pyramids tour with a Camel ride from Alexandria or have a spectacular tour to the Grand Egyptian Museum and Giza Pyramids tour from Alexandria port. one of the best ways to enjoy Cairo attractions is by trying Port said Shore Excursions where you can visit Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian museum, and Khan EL-Khalili bazaar during day tour to Cairo from Port Said and can visit Sakkara to see the step pyramid of king Djoser during Giza Pyramids tour from Port Said or visit the Greco-Roman city of Alexandria during Port Said to Cairo and Alexandria trip. you can also have an amazing lunch on a Nile cruise through the Pyramids and the Nile Cruise lunch from Port Said or have a camel ride around the panoramic view of the pyramids during a private half-day tour to Giza Pyramids from Port said and enjoy a tour of the Grand Egyptian Museum and Pyramids to see the most valuable treasures of Ancient Egypt. Safaga shore Excursions is your way to discover the ancient city of Luxor through day tour to Luxor from Safaga port or visit Luxor and discover its attractions from a hot air balloon 2 days to Luxor from Safaga port where you will be able to discover Dendera and Abydos temples from Safaga port which are dedicated to the goddess Hathor and god Osiris. you will be able to have a nice time while having Hurghada snorkeling from Safaga port.

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