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Why Should You Visit Egypt?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Egypt is one of the best destinations in the world, Luxor itself has one-third of the world's monuments, and there are a lot of Egypt Travel Packages to try. There's no governorate in Egypt don't have a kind of attraction, monument, or sightseeing.

And it's worth mentioning that Egypt's shores are one of the best in the world, imagine how beautiful Egypt Shore Excursions will be. One of the best places in Egypt is Safaga, and Safaga Shore Trips are marvelous to many testimonies.

Imagine a Luxor Tour from Safaga Port to see one-third of the world's monuments in one Place. Or be a night owl and go on an Overnight Tour to Luxor from the port of Safaga too.

Visit Hurghada in one day only on a Hurghada Snorkeling Trip from Safaga to feel the fun vibes there. Or pay a visit to some famous temples on Tour to Dendera and Abydos from Safaga Port.

And if you like short trips, you can try Luxor Trip from Safaga to get in the Hotair Balloon and visit all of Luxor's attractions in 2 days. Or change the stop, and go for a Red Sea Diving Safari Trip from Safaga to dive and see the unique reefs, fish, and rocks in the Red Sea.

On the other side, there're trips like Luxor, Dendera & Abydos Tour from Safaga Port to see how the pharaohs were great in architecture. But if you like privacy, there's a Private Tour to Luxor and Cairo from Safaga to see all the famous places and attractions there.

If you don't know, Luxor is divided into 2 banks, the eastern and western, and you can go on Luxor East and West Tour from the port of Safaga. And see the life under the water on Sindbad Submarine Tour.

Go on a Private Full-Day Tour in Luxor with your friends and family to have fun and take some photos for memories. Or visit the largest Egyptian temple on the tour from Safaga port to Karnak temple.

And if you don't have enough experience, go for a Tour of the top Luxor attractions and leave everything to us. If you are a temple fan, try Luxor, Dendera, & Abydos Temples Tour from Safaga.

Or if you like small tours, Egypt Day Tours will suit you because you spend a one-day trip full of fun.

Like Sokhna Port Shore Excursions, most of them are one day and will take a lot of photos, everything will be explained by a professional tour guide, everything will be arranged for you, and your only job will be to have fun only.

Like going on Cairo Tour to Pyramids from Sokhna Port to see one of the remaining old wonders in the world, or add a stop at making Pyramids and Sakkara Tour from Sokhna to visit the elder pyramid in Saqqara.

Or go for a different one, Egyptian Museum and Citadel Tour from Sokhna Port to see 2 different Egypt throw history. Or else, feel relaxed on the Tour to Pyramids and Nile Cruise from the port of Sokhna.

If you want to feel like the Bedouins you can go on the Pyramids and Camel Ride Tour or go on GEM and Pyramids Tour to see the new museum.

Visit the old cities in Memphis, Sakkara,& Dahshur Tour from Sokhna to see the cities of Ancient Egypt. Or see Egypt in the Coptic era in Monasteries Tours from Sokhna.

Or just go on Saqqara and Dahshur Pyramids Tour to see the ancient pyramids in the old cities. Or see the new monuments on NMEC and Pyramids Tour.

Go on the classic tour of Pyramids, Memphis, & Saqqara Tour from Sokhna or delete a stop and visit the Pyramids and Saqqara Desert Tour from the port of Sokhna.

If you are a museums fan try Tour to Cairo Museums from Sokhna to visit all the famous museums there. Visit all the Pyramids and Step Pyramids Tour to see the oldest Egyptian Pyramid.

Feel the adventure on Quad Bike Ride at Giza Pyramids from Sokhna. Or just go on Cairo Pyramids Day Tour.

Go to Egyptian Museum and Quad Bike to feel the Egyptian spirit. And feel your full privacy on the Pyramids and Papyrus institute Tour from Sokhna.

See all the monuments on the Sakkara trip from Sokhna and if you want you can go on Cairo Tower and Pyramids tour from Sokhna too.

Or go on the Pyramids, NMEC, & Felucca ride to experience something new in Egypt. Or else, try Coptic Cairo, Felucca Ride, & Pyramids Tour to see how was Egypt in the Coptic era.

Visit Dahshur on NMEC and Dahshur Pyramids Tour from Sokhna Port or go on Quick Tour to Cairo from Sokhna.

going on Dahshur Pyramids and Felucca Ride from Sokhna will make you have a lot of fun. And Camel Ride at Giza Pyramids too will make you feel the Bedouin side in you.

Otherwise, go on the Pyramids, Sakkara, and Felucca Ride from Sokhna Port to see the Egyptian day. or go on an Egyptian Breakfast and Pyramids tour to experience Egyptian cuisine.

You can go on a full day to Cairo from Sokhna to do everything you can in just one day. or just try the Pyramids and Nile Cruise dinner Tour to eat your dinner while watching the Nile.

Or go classic to Pyramids and Egyptian Museum Tour. Otherwise, try Memphis and Dahshur Tour from Sokhna.

Egypt has many many more than that, it's just the beginning, do not miss the chance to visit Egypt, the Mother of the world, because as they say "Egypt came, then the history."

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