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Valley of Agabat in Farafra Oasis

In the heart of the White Desert in the Oasis of Farafra in Egypt is the "Valley of Agabat or the Obstacles", which according to geologists is very similar to the surface of the Red Planet.

When most people hear the word "desert", they always remember the spacious valleys and the sand dunes but one of the most surprising views that you can see during the Cairo day tours to the western desert of Egypt is actually the white desert area in Egypt, which is about 45 km north of Farafra Oasis which is known as the land of the cow In the Pharaonic period. The Agabat Valley is a place of magical beauty that is not repeated anywhere else in the Egyptian desert. It is located en route between the oases of Bahariya and Farafra, near the Crystal Mountain and the White Desert. The main characteristic of the valley of Agabat is the contrast between the large rocks of impressive white color and the golden sand that surrounds them. The landscape is so beautiful and one can hardly imagine another place like this in the whole world. It is definitely one of the wonderful attractions that we can find on our trips to Egypt, especially in the Egyptian Oasis. That the mystique and charm of the desert, in a sea of ​​sand that goes beyond the horizon line, make us feel small and eternally embarrassed by the greatness and lavishness of nature. Following the route, past the Hinnis Valley, you reach the depression known as Ain al-Wadi. There, the golden sands are home to tall palms. Further along is the ancient water well of Ain Khadra, an unmissable postcard of desolation and beauty that characterizes this area: a palm stands alone on a hill surrounded by ceramics belonging to Roman, Coptic, and medieval times. If you're planning to visit Egypt, then you should consider reviewing our detailed Egypt travel guide, as it is a unique experience during Egypt Tours that is not comparable with any other things to do in Egypt. You can enjoy one of the Classic tours in Egypt, which all travelers would like to cruise the Nile River during Christmas tours in Egypt or while the best weather during Easter tours in Egypt. Covering most of Cairo day trips, Luxor day tours in addition to Aswan excursions, that is why our travel information section is meant to useful before proceeding with Egypt's best tours for those who seek culture, history of Egypt, and luxurious accommodation while sailing the Nile Valley. Explore Bahariya Oasis, the white desert and the valley of Agabat and many other exciting places in the Western desert of Egypt during a lot of Egypt tours, Egypt Desert Safari Tours and Egypt Travel Packages there also some Egypt day tours that can take you there and if you stay in Cairo you can enjoy one of the full Cairo Day trips and if you have a short time you can book a trip from Cairo day tours from airport.

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