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Top Egypt Luxury Nile Cruise and Lake Nasser

Egypt is one of those places that's hard to visit without having any kind of cultural awareness, but there's no reason you have to be taught everything about the country while you're there—you can do it all from your cabin as the Egypt Nile river cruise tours is a popular choice in your Egypt travel packages and the best way to see all the sights in your Egypt vacation! Today, cruises on the Nile are still popular with tourists from around the world, especially those who want to learn more about Egyptian culture or just relax by the water.

We offer several Egypt Nile cruise options, including:

  1. The MS Amoura Dahabiya Nile cruise from Luxor is a 4-night cruise on the dahabiya sailing ship. This cruise starts in Luxor and ends in Aswan and has another itinerary Dahabiya Nile cruise Aswan to Luxor for 3 nights, all with stops at Thebes, Edfu Temple, Kom Ombo Temple, and Philae Temple along the way. You'll be able to see all of these historical sites as well as enjoy some time relaxing on board your ship. The dahabiya is an old-style sailing vessel that will give you a unique view of Egypt during your trip.

  2. The Merit Dahabiya Nile cruise is a small, intimate river ship that offers a unique way to travel the Nile River. Every cruise is different, with itinerary options from Luxor and Aswan that include exploring the temples and tombs of Luxor, stopping at villages along the riverbanks, and more. And your Merit Dahabiya Nile Cruise from Aswan will leave you feeling like a local as you visit locations off-the-beaten-path while being introduced to the people of Egypt through their culture and traditions.

  3. For a luxury cruise experience, the Nile River cruise by Crystal Cruises SAI Dahabiya Lake Nasser Cruise is a great choice from Aswan to Abu Simple. This cruise ship offers a wide range of amenities, including a gymnasium, spa and wellness center, swimming pools, bars, and restaurants as well as an onboard boutique.

  4. The best way to experience the Nile River is to onboard the Sonesta Amiret Dahabiya Nile Cruise from Aswan. This cruise ship has everything you could want in an Egyptian river cruise—it's comfortable, luxurious, and offers incredible views of some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth.

  5. Movenpick MS Darakum Nile Cruise from Luxor or Aswan. The views are incredible—you'll see some of the most famous sites in Egypt, like the Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel Temple, and more! You'll also get plenty of time off the boat so you can explore independently if you'd like and we recommended you take the Movenoic MS Darakum from Aswan.

  6. Movenpick MS Royal Lily Nile Cruise is a beautiful ship that's got everything you could ask for in a luxury cruise liner: spacious cabins, great restaurants, and bars, an impressive spa, and a fitness center, plus activities like live music and dancing—not to mention all-you-can-eat buffets! You can choose between the 5 days from Luxor and the 4 days Aswan to Luxor Nile cruise.

  7. Imagine the perfect vacation: a relaxing cruise along the Nile in Egypt, with all the amenities of a luxury hotel. That's what it's like to spend your time onboard Movenpick MS Royal Lotus Nile Cruise. With breathtaking views of the Egyptian landscape and a friendly staff that makes you feel right at home, this is one vacation you won't forget! it has another itinerary 5 Days Movenpick MS Royal Lotus Nile Cruise from Luxor that covers more sights.

  8. If you're looking for a cruise that offers some serious pampering, look no further than the Steigenberger Omar EL Khayam Nile Cruise. This five-star riverboat takes you on a journey through the iconic cities of Aswan and Abu Simple, with stops at local markets and a visit to the Nubian Museum in Abu Simple. The boat itself is luxurious, with many options for dining, relaxing, and play.

  9. Onboard Prince Abbas Lake Nasser Cruise from Aswan to Abu Simbel, you'll be cruising the Nile in style. This 4-night cruise takes you through some of Egypt's most famous sights, including Abu Simple temples, and all the famous sites in Aswan. With all that history, it's easy to forget there's so much more to see! You'll enjoy great food, comfortable accommodations, and friendly staff that will help you make memories that last a lifetime. and the other option is to take the Prince Abbas Lake Nasser Cruise from Abu Simbel to Aswan. This is your chance to experience life as an ancient Egyptian while taking in some of their most famous landmarks.

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