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Things to do in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, which is known as the city that never sleeps, which is not only the capital of Egypt, but also the heart of the country. When you visit Cairo, you will find a fascinating blend of one of the oldest civilizations in the world with lots of interesting activities.

Cairo has the most beautiful tourist attractions, which allows tourists to practice a lot of activities, and have the Cairo Top Tours that you dream of, it is considered one of the most important tourist destinations for its historical and cultural attractions.

Cairo has always been included in any Tours in Egypt, but what tourists usually see is not the city itself, it is just a visit to the pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, and a few more tourist spots, but have you ever thought about discovering Cairo as one of its locals?!

Here are some in-depth places that you can visit and enjoy in Cairo Egypt layover tours

1- Khan el Khalili:

Have a Cairo stopover transit tour and pay a quick visit to the Khan Al Khalili Market, which is one of the most important markets in Cairo and is one of the most popular markets in the world. It is located in Al Hussein street, it is one of the most tourists, and travelers attractions and it is popular because of it’s market and local restaurants, that you can enjoy having a local meal. Khan Al-Khalili did not appear out of nowhere, but has a unique history and origins indicating its ancient history, it was within the strategic area that included the heart of the Fatimid state, this place was dedicated to the Caliphha-Muizz of the Fatimid residency.

2- The Cairo Tower:

You can pay a quick visit during your Egypt Day Tours to the Cairo Tower that was built between 1956 and 1961 and designed by Egyptian architect Noam Shabib. Five hundred Egyptian workers participated in the construction of the tower, it takes the shape of the lotus flower that has a Pharaonic origin, The Cairo Tower is a landmark in Cairo, that many tourists want to visit, in order to enjoy the view of the distinctive design, which symbolizes the ancient Egyptian civilization. It is a sixteen-storey building, and it’s base is from the Aswan granite stones, used by ancient Egyptians, to construct their temples and tombs.

You can also have a casual dinner or a group dinner at Tower’s Revolving restaurant open terrace and enjoy dinner with a view .

3- The Citadel of Salah al-Din:

The Citadel of Salah al-Din is called the Citadel of the Mountain because it is located on the famous mountain in Egypt known as El Mokattam, Salah el din began the construction of this castle, and it was completed during the reign of el Sultan Kamel bin al-Adel, and was the first inhabitants of this great castle. This great castle has multiple doors including the door of el  Mokattam, the new door, the door of the castle and the middle door. This castle contains many antiquities, including Dar Al-Darab, Al-Nasser Bin Qalawun Mosque, Al-Jawhara Palace, Al-Haram Palace, The  Police Museum, Mohammed Ali Pasha Mosque, Bir Youssef and Al-Qalaa Military School.

4- The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities:

The importance of the Egyptian Museum is linked to it’s date of its creation, and is the first of the museums in the world built at the end of the 19th century, after the French architect Marcel Dornon designed its design, and began the construction process in 1897. The museum includes prehistoric artifacts, including pottery, ornaments and documentation used before the invention of writing, as well as those pots of the 1st and 2nd Dynasties.

5- The Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx:

Have the Best Tours in Cairo and witness the civilization of the ancient Egyptians, who were distinguished by their physical strength and intellectual superiority despite their presence in an era that has nothing but self-development and the skills acquired from the surrounding environment. The great pharaohs were able to build the three pyramids and the Sphinx because they believed that the spirit was immortal, no matter how many years pass by the soul will be revived again to life. These pyramids were designed as their graves at the time of their death, and the ancient Egyptians to choose a unique site to build the pyramids. The three pyramids are the pyramid of khufu followed by the pyramid of khafre then, the smallest is the pyramid of Menkaure.

The Sphinx is considered one of the largest statues in the world. It is 20 meters high and 70 meters wide. It was designed as an animal body, a lion’s body and the head that indicates a human head. Historians say that the head belongs to the head of King Chephren.

6- Islamic Cairo:

Islamic Cairo includes Bab El Fotouh, one of the gates of the Cairo Wall. Built in 1087 by Jawhar el Siqilly , and then renewed by Prince Badr al-Jamali, making it in its current position next to the Mosque of the Governor Beamrallah.

El-Azhar Mosque:

You can visit Al-Azhar Mosque during the Cairo layover tour which is the first architectural work done by the Fatimids in Egypt, it is the first mosque established in the city of Cairo founded by Jawhar El-Sicilly to be the capital of the Fatimids state.

The Mosque of Sultan al-Nasser Hassan bin Mohammed bin Qalawun is one of the most important mosques that were built in Egypt during the Mamluk era, and named after Sultan Hassan because it was built during his reign and under his command in 1356 AD.

7- Coptic Cairo:

Most of Coptic Cairo is located in the area of ​​the fortress of Babylon and an area of ​​about half a square kilometer. When you visit Coptic Cairo you will find a Coptic Museum and six Coptic churches of which the most important one is the Hanging Church of the Holy Virgin Mary. and the Monastery of St. George and the most ancient Jewish temple, Synagogue of Ben Ezra.

And here are also some activities that you can do while being in Egypt.

Dining on the Nile River and enjoying the view ensures that you can enjoy Cairo’s outdoor atmosphere with unparalleled pleasure especially in the summer.A river cruise in the ancient river running in one of the world’s largest capitals.

2- The Sound and Light show:

The Sound and light show project began in April 1962 to explain the monuments of the Giza region in the evening, through an engaging presentation of historical text accompanied by expressive musical tunes.

3- Nile Cruise Dinner and Folcoloric entertainment show, Belly dancing and Tannoura:

Have your Nile Cruise Dinner while enjoying the view of the Nile that’s perfect for a romantic dinner for a couple or a group of friends outing, you will not only enjoy the view but also the local delicious food and a traditional belly dancing show.

4- Tent makers Bazaar:

In front of Zewaila Gate near the area under the robe is located the Khiamiya Street, one of the most famous markets in cairo Cairo, that has been named after the name of the tents industry, which was very popular in the past, especially in the Mamluk era.

5- El-Baron Palace:

The Baron Palace has been associated with myths related the Baron hymself, to the falling of his sister from the balcony of the palace and disruption of the rotation of the gears of the circular tower, and hearing the sounds of fighting from inside the abandoned palace

You can experience viewing the three great pyramids while speeding in the desert, through the sand, you can enjoy this experience in your Cairo layover tours to Giza pyramids and sphinx even from Cairo airport.

7- El Ghori:

It is part of the archaeological collection built by the Sultan Al-Ghouri, which consists of Al-Ghouri School, El-Khanqah, El-Sabeel, the Book, and the House, it ends with Al-Ghouri archaeological agency and is registered as an Islamic and Coptic monument. You can also see the colorful Tanura show there which is on Saturday,Monday and Wednesday of each week at 7:30 PM.

8- El Fostat Market:

El Fostat Market is a local market for handmade products, This market is a leading market for the development of handmade traditional crafts, that have disappeared in other regions.

9- Breakfast in Cairo:

You can enjoy a local traditional breakfast in any part of Cairo, which is foul(beans) and falafel in any of Gad or el shabrawy branches, and other places it is considered one of the Egyptian’s main breakfast meals.

10- The Nile Corniche:

You can have a real Cairo experience by having a walk by the Nile and enjoying the view, if you are having a Cairo stopover transit tour by having a (street treat) which is from the men selling the corn and the sweet potatoes which is perfect for an on the go treat that fills up your stomach and keep your wallet tight.

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