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The Tomb of Inherkhau

An Introduction

The tomb of Inherkhau is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Deir el-Medina, Luxor, and a unique tomb of great historical value because of its exciting artistic works. It is one of the special tombs that you must see when you visit Luxor with your family, whether on vacation or otherwise. Throughout your trip to Egypt, you will be able to see a variety of historical structures including this amazing tomb of Inherkhau.

On the left side of the wall, as you enter the burial chamber, you will see a scenario of Inherkhau houses offering libations. Inherkhau is also depicted as a priest in another beautiful work of art. He wears a leopard-skin robe and has shaved hair.

An amazing artwork shows a blind man playing the harp in front of Inherkhau and his wife in the next scene. In Inherkhau's tomb, there are instruments that were used during the funeral, and most people assume that they were stolen during antiquity.

During your journey in this tomb, you will learn other hidden information. This is a simple adventure that you can do with your family. Along the way to this beautiful tomb in Egypt, you can explore other sights. Prepare yourself for this exciting tour by getting your things ready.

Facts about the Tomb

  1. The tomb of Inherkhau is located in Luxor, Deir-el-Medina, Egypt. The artwork and drawings in this tomb are of exceptional quality and variety. It contains some of the best artworks of the twentieth-century dynasty, and it is the only tomb with a dynasty from this period.

  2. Both the upper chamber and the burial chamber are decorated with a yellow background. This mausoleum has a number of compartments and patterns. This tomb is quite an incredible structure that you should go and see.

  3. The image of the kings and rules facing Inherkhau and his wife is in the upper chamber, along with scenes from the Book of the Dead and the Book of Gates. Inherkhau and his wife are also shown presenting incense to the king and queen in an artistic image.

  4. On the roof of this magnificent tomb are irregular spirals and the names of Inherkhau and his wife. Other spirals, separated in the same way as bylines, can be found.

  5. Another motif in this room depicts cattle heads with yellow rosettes interspersed with sunburst earth.

  6. The majority of the exquisite drawings, covering up to fifteen scenes, are preserved in the deep burial chamber.

You can visit The tomb of Inherkhau in your trip to Luxor

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