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The Middle East will witness a 225% rise in foreign tourists between January and September 2022.

According to the UNWTO, the Middle East would see a 225% increase in international tourists between January and September 2022. Worldwide tourism is predicted to have rebounded to 65% of pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022. According to the most recent World Tourism Barometer, monthly visitors in January 2022 were 64% lower than in 2019. It was determined that Europe is still at the forefront of international tourist recovery. In the first nine months of 2022, arrivals in Asia and the Pacific more than quadrupled.

Tourism export sales might reach $1.2-1.3 trillion in 2022, representing a 60-70% increase over 2021. China, a vital supply market for the region, remains blocked. " In September month visitors surpassed or before numbers in the Middle East (+3% over 2019) and the Caribbean (+1%) and came near in Central America (-7%), Northern Europe (-9%) and Southern and Mediterranean Europe (-10%)," based on the UNWTO.

As you can see that tourism in the world after the pandemic is on the way, and as you know, Egypt specifically is trying to increase its tourism and all Egypt Travel Packages in all of Egypt.

Especially short tours and trips like Egypt Day Tours because it suits nearly all classes and with a very rational budget with a lot of fun. In all Egypt day tours it’s worth mentioning Luxor Day Tours, because as we know, Luxor only has one-third of the monuments of the world.

Like, imagine going on the East and West Banks Tour to see all the attractions in Luxor from Karnak to the unfinished obelisk. Or Go on the Pyramids, Al Rifai, & Sultan Hassan Masjids Trip from Luxor for just one day to see the famous masjids in Cairo.

If you don’t like buses, you can go on the Pyramids Safari Trip from Luxor by plane to pass a top VIP man and with less work. Or expand it, and go on Cairo full-day Trip from Luxor to see all the famous attractions in Cairo.

Or see Luxor from above on Hot Air Ballon Ride Tour in Luxor to see all the famous attractions and sightseeing from above in a panorama view. Or else, go on Cairo Trip from Luxor by flight to see not just Luxor, you will see all of Egypt from above.

If you are a temple fan, Edfu & Kom Ombo Temples Tour will surprise you with the details of the temples. Or you can go on the Sound & Light Show in Karnak to see a snippet from the civilization of Ancient Egypt.

And you still have Dendera & Abydos Temples Tour to go on and see the difference between the temples. Or visit the mighty and famous Abu Simbel on Aswan & Abu Simbel Temple Tour from Luxor.

If you like the Nile you can go on Luxor to Aswan Nile Cruise to pass the best 5 days of your life as a king. Or go to ride the hot air balloon on Luxor 2 days tour.

See how people live in Luxor on Luxor City Tour by Horse Carriage to experience one of the local ways of transportation there. Or visit all of Luxor’s sightseeing on the Luxor Attractions Day Tour.

If you know King Ramses and dint go on the Ramsseum, Luxor Museum, Valley of the Kings, & Memnon Tour in Luxor to see those famous attractions you will miss too many things. And if you like Privacy you can go on Private Tour to Luxor Highlights to visit all that and a lot more.

Or leave Luxor and go on an Overnight Trip to Cairo and Alex from Luxor to rest for 2 days from all the temples there and see some Roman and Islamic attractions there. Or back to Luxor and go to the west bank on Luxor West Bank Tour to visit the valley of the kings and queens.

If you like the Coptic culture, try Luxor Day Tours to Monasteries to visit all the famous monasteries in Luxor like El Shayeb Monastery. Or live as a Luxorian and go on a Valley of the Kings tour by Donkey to see where the pharaohs were and how were they buried.

Visit all famous places on Luxor Sightseeing Tour to see everything in one day and pass a whole day full of fun. And if you like the Nile, you have to go on Luxor West Bank & Felucca Ride Tour to touch the Nile and feel the fresh air.

Or change the destination and go on Luxor East Bank & Banana Islan Tour to see the famous island of the trees of bananas. See the revealed secret at the Mummification Museum, Hatshepsut, & Valley of the queens' tour to do many things in one day.

Visit all the famous temples on Dendera, Abydos, & Luxor Temples private tour to pass a good quality time with loved ones with a professional tour guide explaining everything to you. Or feel fancy while flying to Egyptian Museum & Lunch Tour from Luxor to see all the famous monuments in the museum.

Fly to the old cities on Memphis & Dahshur Trip from Luxor to see some unique monuments and views there. Or stay in Luxor and go to the Most Charming attractions in Luxor.

Feel free to choose one of those trips and tours and if you want something customized for you especially you can build your trip on the Cairo Top Tour website and it will be in the same price range.

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