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The Hot Air Balloon

If you are adventurous and you want to experience a mini adventure, and at the same time enjoy a magnificent view. then The hot air balloon ride in Luxor is a great and unique way to see Luxor from above, it makes it look like a big open-air museum. There is no doubt that the flying balloon trips are one of the most exciting trips around the world, specially during Egypt Day Tours to Luxor, hot air balloon rides are located in many regions in the world, mostly Turkey, Argentina and London, but in Egypt our unique Luxor is different from the others because of its climate and geographical location. For the trip has initially starting at dawn and of course it is necessary to wear heavy clothes, because you will be looking from over the clouds by about 500 to 1500 feet which means you shouldn’t be afraid of heights because the trip will be totally secured, the trip usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Through the trip you will discover Luxor monuments that you you will see during your Luxor East and West Bank Tour and green landscapes that you won’t imagine finding it in Egypt. You will explore Luxor which is called (The Capital of civilization) or (The Open Air museum). Wherever you go in Luxor you will find a monument of a great civilization, and why not? It is a “Thebes” capital of the ancient Egyptian new kingdom of Egypt history, where you will find the most important temples and monuments, like El Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple,Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut and The valley of the kings.

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