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The city of Hurghada

The city of Hurghada covers an area of ​​40 km of the coastal strip of the Red Sea and is characterized by its bright sun throughout the year and its wonderful coral reefs, in addition to dozens of interesting attractions that tourists go to for relaxation and comfort due to the city's attractions, including the moderate temperature throughout the year, and its desert climate. It also includes many islands and marine sites that are a destination for diving and water sports enthusiasts, including Belinda reefs, Abu Qatar reefs, Abu Nahas reefs, Umm Al-Esh reefs, Umm Qamar reefs, Al-Arouf reefs, Tawila reefs, Abu Naqad and Seoul.Hurghada Bedouin Desert Safari by Jeep: From Hurghada, you can discover one of our best desert safaris in Egypt. Start your Hurghada desert safari trip by visiting the Bedouin village, and knowing more about the desert inhabitants from the people who lived there. Enjoy camel riding, a sunset view, and a delectable dinner with a cup of Bedouin tea. Snorkeling trip to Mahmya Island in Hurghada by boat: How wonderful it is to snorkel on Mahmya Island ? and to see a variety of colored fish, coral reefs, and marine while also enjoying the beautiful blue water and the soft sand of Hurghada. Sindbad Submarine Trip in Hurghada: The Sindbad submarine excursion in Hurghada offers an opportunity to cruise below sea level and keep a variety of marine creatures, magnificent coral reefs, and multicolored fish in the Red Sea. 2 Days Trip to Luxor from Hurghada: Enjoy this 2-day trip to Luxor from Hurghada. Luxor is considered to be the largest open-air museum in the world containing a large number of ancient Egyptian monuments such as the great complex of Karnak temples, Luxor temple, and the temple of Hatshepsut. Discover this amazing 2 days overnight trip from Hurghada to Luxor. Luxor to Aswan Nile Cruise from Hurghada: Aboard a luxury 5-star Nile cruise from Hurghada, you can discover many fascinating locations to see in the Nile valley in Luxor and Aswan like the Karnak Temples, Luxor Temple, and the Temple of Hatshepsut. Discover Aswan's must-see sites such as Philae temple and Aswan High dam on this 5-day Luxor to Aswan Nile cruise from Hurghada. Hurghada Grand Aquarium Tour: Explore the Great Hurghada Aquarium with Cairo Top Tours and take an adventurous Day Tour in Hurghada to visit one of the most exciting tours in Egypt. Discover the underwater life from the entrance ticket to the Great Aquarium of Hurghada for knowledge and entertainment on one of our Egypt Day Tours. Day Tour to Cairo from Hurghada by Bus: Cairo is a city full of the best monuments, you have the chance to discover Cairo tours from our beautiful city Hurghada and spend a day trip by bus. Orange Bay Snorkeling Trip from Hurghada: Try Orange Bay Snorkeling Trip from Hurghada in one of Hurghada's paradise islands as if you live on an island like Paradise, which is another name for this gulf. Reserve our snorkeling trip from Hurghada to Orange Bay now and enjoy it. Diving in Hurghada is the most amazing thing ever to see the most beautiful coral reefs and small and large colored fish at. Hurghada City Tour and Shopping Tours: Discover the beauty of the Hurghada City Tour while enjoying the most well-known landmarks and the most usefulHurghada Shopping Tours. Make a benefit from our offer and practice your favorite hope of shopping. Aquapark Tours from Hurghada, Jungle Water Park: Travel and visit the city of beauty, Hurghada, and amuse yourself while visiting the Jungle Water Park housed in the new Albatros Jungle Aqua Park Hotel. 2-Day Trip from Hurghada to Cairo and Luxor: We'll take you on a 2-day trip from Hurghada to Cairo and Luxor in Egypt! You'll be able to see the pyramids and Sphinx, Coptic Cairo, Khan El Khalili bazaar, and the Egyptian Museum among others which are the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt. 2 Day trip to Cairo from Hurghada by Air: If you're looking for an exciting adventure tour to take during your stay in Hurghada, our thrilling two-day Cairo air tour is exactly what you're looking for. 2 Day Tour to Cairo from Hurghada by Bus: If you are in a foreign country, traveling by bus is always an adventure, especially in a place like Egypt, where you never know what to expect. Therefore, a two-day bus tour from Hurghada to Cairo allows you to see more of the city's various attractions. You will be able to enjoy the most beautiful tours in Egypt through Egypt Trips, It is also possible to work for you with our best packages through Egypt travel packages, Trips vary from Egypt day tours, international trips, and Nile cruises

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