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The best place for stargazing in Egypt

The feeling of looking at the dark sky and contemplating nature's and the universe's creations can be considered a must-have in existence. However, the city's exhaust pollution and tall buildings can make it difficult to enjoy this fun. Egypt has some of the best stargazing locations in the world; all you have to do is do a little research and planning ahead of time so you can do just that.

Giza Pyramids

The Giza pyramids area, with watching the Milky Way galaxy lighting up the sky over ancient Egypt, may look incredibly beautiful. When tourists go to see the pyramids in the morning, you direct and create an idyllic atmosphere during the night with the stars seen in full clarity.

Book now the amazing sound and light show through our Cairo Day Tours, you will be listening to the great history of Egypt being narrated and you just unleash your imagination to try to see the glory of this land, the Sphinx will be telling the ancient stories of the Great Kings and how It was built to be a Strong Guardian of the Giza Pyramids and Necropolis for over 4500 years.

Fayoum desert

It takes an hour and a half from Cairo to reach Fayoum, and reaching the stars was not that easy, as you can reach the Egyptian desert after hours of travel. And while every oasis is hours from Cairo, Fayoum is as close as you can get to a stunning Egyptian oasis.

Where you can see the stars in full clarity during the night, if you camp there while spending most of the activities in Fayoum in the open air, such as sandboarding, horseback riding, or exploring the monuments there. And the best, of course, is the spectacular night view in the Fayoum Towers overlooking the magnificent Magic Lake in the middle of the desert, with the presence of wonderful stars in a scene that is not repeated often around us.

Explore Wadi Hitan, Wadi El Rayyan, and many other exciting places in El Fayyoum during a lot of Egypt tours, Egypt Desert Safari Tours, and Egypt Travel Packages, enjoy our customized Egypt day tours and when you visit Cairo you can have one of the full Cairo Day tours or just book a trip from Cairo day tours from airport.

White desert

You can sleep with the stars on a beautiful poetic night because it is considered one of the most important features of the Egyptian White Desert is that you get the opportunity to go through unparalleled experiences.

From desert safaris at night to hiking and trekking, camping in the desert may be an experience that can only be repeated once in a lifetime. If you are adventurous, then you will deal well with the various tent trips. Sitting in the middle of the desert between the rocky mountains in the White Desert in Egypt and watching the stars clearly may make you grace the beauty of nature around you, so you only have to enjoy the adventure atmosphere and sleep in the open at this stage.

Enjoy the adventure of camping in the White Desert with all the calmness and meditation to clear your mind from any negative energy, the Bahriya Oasis is one of the 9 oases in Egypt in the Western Desert which is identified by the forests of palm trees with different types of dates. Bahariya Oasis is recognized as the most exceptional place for medical tourism in Egypt.

Saint Catherine

The city of Saint Catherine includes many picturesque views such as Mount Saint Catherine, of course, it may take many hours to climb Mount Saint Catherine and reach its summit, and of course, your feet will hurt after you reach the summit of the highest peak in Egypt located in the Sinai, but your vision of the view of the stars in the galaxy There it might make you forget this pain and see the view from there.

And add to your information also that there is a mountain of Moses that is less elevated, so if Mount Saint Catherine is a little higher for you, not only is it lighter climbing, but it still enjoys stunning views from the top.

Usually, most tourists there on the highest mountain peaks enjoy watching the sunrise from above, and the situation is completely different at night, as during the night, you can see the stars very clearly, and when you see them in this place, you will feel as if the stars embrace you You should know that the distances between the stars are not what they appear to be, as they are very far away.

Sharm El-Shaikh

The location of Sharm el-Sheikh is excellent for the Sinai Peninsula on the southeast coast. It is the city of coasts and the most visited attractive place in Egypt due to its crystal blue beaches, colorful coral reefs, and amazing diving sites.

In addition to the beautiful city of Sharm el-Sheikh containing stunning and beautiful landscapes and places, there is also a very amazing world in the sky of Sharm el-Sheikh. The sight of the stars may make you unable to speak of the beauty of the scene and the beauty of the shape of the stars in the dark sky that may illuminate the picturesque coasts there, with the presence of palm trees.

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