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Sharm El-Sheikh is preparing for the second Egyptian-Emirati Camel Festival, scheduled for next Marc

Wide echoes echoing around the world, praising the great preparations for the second Egyptian-Emirati Festival of Camel and Heritage, to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh next March, after the completion of the track development work. And providing it with special gates for each age group of camels participating in the races, as well as establishing manors instead of tents for the accommodation of camels, breeders, and trainers, equipped with kitchens, bathrooms, feed stores, and a veterinary hospital, in addition to the heritage village, the media center and a mosque. The huge project of the camel track adopted by the state and supported by the Emirates occupies an area estimated at 1,500 acres at a total cost of 125 million pounds. The state bore only 25 million, and the rest is contributions and self-efforts. It considers it an investment that primarily targets a social dimension that the political leadership has given special attention to, in appreciation of the requirements of the Bedouin tribesmen, and to promote belonging and the revival of heritage. Inherent Arab values ​​and the creation of conditions achieve economic gains for the people. In preparation for the upcoming festival, Lou announced Iaa Khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai, the start of the revitalization course for camel racing, which begins today, Thursday, and continues until Saturday, corresponding to January 14, with the participation of a large number of competitors from different regions of Egypt. The governor stressed that the aim of this session is to test the advanced facilities and facilities in the track and to stand on all the preparations and organizational procedures related to the races, to create the motivating atmosphere for the success of the second Egyptian-Emirati Camel and Heritage Festival, which is scheduled in the coming weeks. He added that exerting effort in training and preparing to implement the plan is the most important element of success in achieving the desired goals, and said that the directives of the political leadership are clear to take care of our Bedouin people and upgrade their capabilities, preserve heritage and values, and strengthen relations between tribes and clans in Arab countries. He renewed his call to all camel breeders. And the concerned institutions in all regions, participating in the events hosted by the camel track in Sharm El-Sheikh, and benefiting from the components of the huge project that was established to grant unlimited opportunities to achieve many and varied gains for all participants, stressing his confidence in the efficiency of the services and facilities that have been prepared for the success of the participation and the excellence of the events in a permanent pattern. and repeated. Major General Mahmoud Al-Suleya, Advisor to the Governor of South Sinai to the localities, explained that training the camel takes place during a period ranging between 3 and 6 months, which leads to an increase in its value ranging between 200 and 300%, indicating that the prices of some of the trained camels exceeded the price of millions after it was 15 Only one thousand pounds. He pointed out that, in addition to that, the popularity of camel sport and the accompanying trade reflected the increasing demand of tribesmen, motivating them and helping them achieve their desire to revive an authentic cultural heritage that deepens communication between clan branches spread in Egypt and most Arab countries, especially Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. It also enhances the capabilities of the International Camel Federation, which is based in Saudi Arabia, to double its activity, involve other nationalities, and expand the global camel trade market, which achieves increasing economic gains, works to attract greater numbers of tourists, and opens broad horizons for human and cultural cooperation, which is What is considered a national plan that we are working to implement in the city of peace, with the support of our Arab brothers, for a heritage that unites our clans and consolidates our friendship. 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