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Saudi Arabia’s United Cars and Motorcycles team visits the Museum of Egyptian Civilization

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization( NMEC) in Fustat has entered the United buses and Motorcycles platoon from Saudi Arabia and the Egyptian Mega platoon from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The two brigades are sharing in the International Sports Exhibition “ Expo sports 2023 ”, which is hosted by Egypt from 26 December to 8 January. The delegation included 50 motorcycle-driving professionals from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, who voyaged the colorful halls of the gallery. During the stint, the platoon members expressed their keenness to visit the gallery while they were in Egypt to share in this sporting event and praised the nobility of the gallery and its effects. They were also keen to record their visit by taking honorary prints to commemorate this visit, pointing out that they will publish them on their accounts on their social media platforms to express their pride in the Egyptian civilization and this great edifice. Ahmed Ghoneim, CEO of the NMEC, said that the visit came as part of the state’s keenness to profit from the events that are organized or hosted in Egypt to promote the Egyptian sightseer destination, by organizing visits for sanctioned delegations to numerous excursionists and archaeological places in Egypt to enrich their visit by introducing them to them and introducing them to the ancient Egyptian civilization. Fayrouz Fikry, Vice President of the NMEC, said that the gallery is always keen to exfoliate light on its charge and part in communicating with society in all its orders and events, hosting sanctioned delegations and introducing them to the Egyptian civilization, and how it left behind the topmost mortal heritage, which is the Egyptian agedness in its colorful ages. Egypt is hosting the global sports exhibition in the Middle East and Africa, “ exhibit sports 2023 ”, as part of the Red Sea Festival, which will include a motorcycle stint, which comes within the frame of spreading a new style of sports tourism, “ road tourism ”, to take advantage of the huge construction revolution of roads. New in Egypt, which holds a communication to the world about Egypt’s diversity of sports and different types of tourism.

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