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Museum Tal Basta Antiquities hosting a temporary exhibition on Ancient Egypt calligraphy.

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

"The Writer and His Tools in Ancient Egypt" is on display at the Museum of Tal Basta Antiquities. The museum houses an extraordinary variety of sculptures of ancient Egyptian gods, the most significant of which is the figure of Bastet, the region's primary god. According to Ibrahim Ali, Director General of the Museum, the collection contains two sculptures of Djehuti, the Egyptian god of wisdom and understanding.

While visiting the exhibition you can go on some Egypt Shore Trips, or any tours to discover the biggest museum in the world, like Alexandria and Alexandria Shore Tours and Trips with its all varieties and places.

Like going on Cairo Tour from Alexandria Port to see the pyramids and sphinx. Or go on a specific tour of the Pyramids and Sakkara Tour from Alex.

Visit Egypt in the Islamic era on Islamic Cairo & Egyptian Museum Tour from the port of Alexandria. Or if you like the Nile you can try Pyramids & Nile Cruise Lunch Tour from Alex to eat your lunch in the Nile views.

And if you like medium size trips go on Cairo Trip from Alex for 2 days straight to see the great Sphinx of Giza. Or expand the destination and go to Cairo & Alexandria Trip from Alex Port.

Or go on Cairo Tour from Alex to see all the attractions and the dropoff will be at Port Said. Or else, narrow the destinations to go on the Pyramids and Nile Tour from Alex to see the Nile closely.

Visit all Alex attractions on Alexandria Tour from the port of Alexandria to see the famous Catacombs. Or experience something new on Camel Ride & Giza Pyramids Tour from Alexandria.

If you didn't see something exclusive, go on GEM & Pyramids Tour to see the newly shown monuments there. Or go on Overnight Tour to Cairo to see the capital of Egypt at night.

Or expand the stops and go on an Overnight tour to Cairo and Alex from the port of Alexandria to ride a camel and see the pyramids. Otherwise, try NMEC & Pyramids tour to visit the new museum.

Visit El Alamein on a Day Tour to El Alamein to see the famous German cemetery there and some monuments from the WW||. And go to see something you have never seen before on Wady El Natrun Tour from Alexandria.

Spend 2 special days from Alex on Cairo & Luxor Tour to have 2 days full of fun. Or go to the magnificent Rosetta and see where did they find the famous Rosetta Stone on Day Tour to Rosetta.

If you are a shopping lover you will find Luxury Shopping Tour in Cairo from Alexandria in all the famous places in Cairo very interesting. Or leave that aside and try Saqqara & Pyramids Desert Tour from the port of Alexandria.

All Egypt Travel Packages or the customized ones too are affordable to all classes with very rational prices to spend the best time you can and experience the most marvelous things at the lowest price.

Like, imagine a Day Tour to all Museums in Cairo from Alexandria Port to visit and take photos of the famous museums in Cairo the Capital. Or visit the buried wonder in Egypt on Adeen Palace & Pyramids Tour from the port of Alexandria.

Or else, try Hawara & Lahun Pyramids Tour to see an underrated attraction there and be from the few who saw them. Otherwise, expand it and go on Pyramids & Hawara Tour from Alex.

A small trip on the Pyramids Tour from Alexandria to see how big the pyramids are or just go on a small adventure on a Quad Bike & Egyptian Museum Tour from the port of Alexandria.

On Pyramids, Memphis, & Saqqara Trip you will see almost all the pharaohs' monuments in one trip. Or just go see the oldest pyramid on Sakkara Trip from Alex.

See Cairo from above on Cairo Tower & Pyramids Tour to see Cairo at night and how the Egyptians pass their day. Or skip the tower and go on NMEC & Pyramids Tour from Alex.

Touch the Nile River on Felucca Ride, Coptic Cairo, & Pyramids Trip from the port of Alex to see the famous Egyptian churches. Feel how ancient Egypt is on Dahshur & NMEC Tour to see the old pyramids of Dahshur.

The Quad Bike at Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, & Felucca Ride Tour will touch your heart and makes you feel relaxed. And feel privacy with your friends or family on Alexandria National Museum Private Tour.

Or go on the perfect mix of Dahshur Pyramids & Felucca Ride Tour from Alexandria to see a lot of wonderful things.

Or else, make it a layover trip and go on Dahshur & Felucca Ride Layover Trip from Alexandria. Otherwise, make it Camel Ride & Felucca Ride Tour to feel and live the Bedouins' lifestyle.

If you like to do many things in one day, the Pyramids, Saqqara, & Felucca Ride Tour will be unforgettable to you or see old Egypt on Old Cairo Tour from Alexandria Port to see Egypt before the modern era.

Or visit Memphis, one of the remaining ancient cities in Egypt on the Memphis & Sakkara Tour from Alex to see the elder pyramids too. Or else, change a stop and go on Memphis & Dahshur Tour from the port of Alexandria.

All of those trips and tours are categorized as Egypt Day Tours even if they are 2 or 3 days because they are still considered small trips but of fun and joy. Check it all Now!!.

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