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Ministry of Tourism launches advertising campaign to promote Egyptian tourist destinations in Englis

In order to promote Egyptian tourist sites during English Premier League games, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, through the General Egyptian Authority for Tourism Promotion, created an advertising campaign.

This campaign got underway during the Brighton Stadium match between Tottenham Hotspur and Tottenham. The election will take place through November 13.

Amr el-Qadi, the CEO of the General Egyptian Authority for Tourism Promotion, explained that this campaign will advertise Egypt's tourism on the boards in the stadium where the games are being played as well as on specialized and well-known sports channels in the United Kingdom like Sky Sports and BT Sports.

In addition to promoting the ministry's "Follow the Sun" campaign's catchphrase in the major markets that export tourism to Egypt, Qadi added that the campaign will also highlight Egypt's hosting of the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change "COP 27" in Sharm El-Sheikh in November 2022.

Mohamed Mohsen, the tourist attaché at the Egyptian Tourist Office in London and the administrative and financial supervisor of the tourism offices in France, China, and its supervisory countries, confirmed that the campaign's goals are to publicize Egypt's tourist destinations, draw attention to its wide range of tourist and archaeological products and components, and raise awareness of Egypt's hosting of the "COP 27" conference.

As one of the most significant tourist markets for Egyptian tourism, the British are expected to go to Egypt in greater numbers as a result of this.

The campaign fits into the ministry's desire to capitalize on significant international events, particularly sporting events and tournaments, in order to promote tourism in Egypt, as these events draw millions of football fans and viewers from around the globe.

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