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Helwan wax museum

Date of Museum

The Museum of Wax in Helwan is an Egyptian museum located in the city of Helwan, Cairo, and was established in 1934. The museum contains many wax sculptures created with infinite precision, as well as unique collections of Egyptian history from the Pharaohs era to the modern period. Professionals came in 4th position on a list of the best wax museums in the world, which are the world's second most popular wax museum.

It is a little-known place in Egypt that depicts Ancient Egyptian history in wax; it is also regarded as one of Egypt's most magnificent museums, with a large number of waxed statues that were meticulously and amazingly created; those fabulous statues are so clear to show the amazing project that belonged to Egyptian professionals who were the reason for making that museum in the second place between the most popular wax museums all over the world.

His holdings

The Helwan Wax Museum contains 116 ancient statues and 26 scenes that shed light on many historical events in Egypt, from the Pharaohs' era to the 23 July Revolution. As a result, you will enjoy wandering through the museum's waxed statues, which will transport you back through time as you feel true people with blood and flesh standing in front of you.

The museum was founded by Egyptian international artist George Abdel Malek, who was one of the most skilled Egyptian artists of his time, after he excelled in embodying many stories and novels, which narrate the history of Egypt from the dawn of Pharaonic civilization, through Greek, Coptic, and Islamic civilizations, until the era of the revolution in July 1952, in many Wax statues, one of which was dedicated to the Egyptian revolution in July 1952. The artist Abdel-Malik divided Egypt's historical periods into 26 scenes, each with a significant indicative history that added to the scenes the effects of life in ancient Egypt.

Its sections

The division of the museum depends on the allocation of a number of halls for each specific period of time. Surrounding each hall is a lush garden that gave the museum a special luster. It is possible to pass from scenes of one era to another through the rooms that are connected to each other continuously, listing the historical periods in a historical interconnection, and these halls end with corridors leading To other galleries where the museum’s holdings are displayed. Begins visiting the Pharaonic era department that mimics the Twelfth Dynasty history which ruled Egypt for two hundred and fifty consecutive years, has excelled artist in the embodiment of the kings of this family , starting from Amenhotep IV , the first advocates unification of worship and the rejection of the cult of birds, animals , and the worship of the sun deity one, and in the side of this The scene shows Commander Hur, a loving lover next to his wife, and one of the wild tigers that accompanied armies in their battles when Hur was a loving commander of the armies of ancient Egypt.

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