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Egypt Tourism in 2023

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

A Glimpse at Egypt's Efforts in Tourism for The New Year 2023

There is no need to talk about the greatness of the History of Egypt, or all the different Egypt Tour Packages that you can imagine taking in this marvelous country since we already did. And that's why the Egyptian government is trying to expand the reach of its diverse destinations other than the historical ones and all Egypt Classic Tours.

The country is investing more now in tourism, to exploit its attractions in 2023, especially after the new wave of tourists looking forward to exploring more in the Middle East after the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

So, what to do in Egypt as a tourist? You can actually try a lot of things in Egypt; you can explore its desert on Egypt Hiking and Trekking Tours, which you can try from anywhere in Egypt and for any period. For example, you can have a day tour from Cairo and head to wherever you want in Egypt from Cairo in only a one-day trip. And there are so many options in these Cairo Day Tours and Excursions that you can explore. It also can be for only a half day, as in Cairo Half Day Tours.

You can also start your trip in Egypt from the moment of your arrival at any airport or port. Your arrival might be at Port Said port, where you can try Port Said Shore Excursions, or it might be at Alexandria port, then it will be easier to explore Egypt through Alexandria Shore Excursions and tours.

And of course, it won't be just desert in your trip plan, you can also discover Egypt Oases, which are located in the western and eastern deserts of Egypt. You can enjoy some Unusual Tours in Egypt to meditate and destress on Meditation Tours, or you can try some Recreational Tours and Excursions.

And it goes without saying that nothing is more alluring than a dinner on the Nile, the father of African rivers, on Egypt Nile Cruise Tours. You can visit any of (Luxor Attractions) or (Aswan Attractions) and end your tour on board a luxury Nile cruise, or it can be after a Cairo Day Tour, where you can enjoy your dinner with a Tanoura Dance Show.

And all these amazing tours and destinations won't cost you that much if you take a Budget Tour or a Group Tour Package.

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