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Bawiti Village in Bahariya Oasis

The oasis has been described as a fertile piece of land in the desert, where permanent freshwater supplies are available and oases differ in size, and is small, with an area of 1 hectare round small springs, including a wide distance from rained or irrigated lands.

Bahariya Oasis is an Egyptian oases' community situated in the West Desert, 350 km southwest of Giza, and 370 km from Cairo. Bahariya Oasis consists of various villages, Bawiti being the largest and administrative center and with a population of 30,000.

Marine Oasis is one of the most important tourist destinations of the 21st century, particularly after the stunning archaeological discoveries and oases of the marine have become a kiss for visitors from all over the world because they are one of the most important archaeological and tourist areas in Ancient Egypt and because they have a rich history and natural development since ancient times. And the old urban style in the marine oasis villages (the Palace villages and Bawiti and the old man) is an accurate representation of the then civilized surroundings. Marine oasis visitors to the area.

The eyes of a wise well are considered one of the most important warm wells that flow sulfur water that is used in treatment for many diseases, where the water temperature reaches about 65 degrees Celsius, and there are more than ten wells in different locations such as the Ain El Halfa well in Bawati and some eyes in the village of Qasr And the number of natural eyes in the oasis is about 398 eyes, which makes the future of oases physical therapy compete strongly with other places in Egypt such as Safaga and Qusair, for many reasons, in the forefront of which are the cheap prices of services provided in marine oasis compared to other places, which represents a component The Egyptians and thus activate domestic tourism, as well as the oases of the capital, near Cairo.

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