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Bahariya Oasis

The Bahariya Oasis is widely known among the most beautiful tourist areas in the Egyptian lands, as it combines the magic of nature with historical monuments. It was considered a lush refuge situated in the middle of a desert surrounded by black hills made of quartz.

Bahariya Oasis placed 330 km southwest of Cairo and one hundred eighty km from the Nile Valley, on a herbal melancholy of 2000 km2, in a mountainous site. In historic instances Bahariya become taken into consideration a bridge between Egypt and Libya, dominated through a Libyan own circle of relatives beneath neath the manage of the Pharaohs of the twenty-sixth dynasty. It becomes called 'Little Oasis' as hostile to Kharga. This "northern" oasis become usually fertile, generating wine from the Middle Kingdom, a wine press become determined with its crushing zone, which shows that the northern oases had been protected with vines that supplied a famous wine at the tables of Greece and Rome. Dates, citrus organic products, onions, and poultry - particularly turkeys - are as yet being delivered to the Nile Valley. The city was prosperous until the fourth century AD. The desert garden has plentiful natural aquifers and stays an enormous maker of dates.

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Arranging any tours to Egypt? or from our varieties of tours from Cairo, you can easily see Bahariya Oasis with Cairo Top Tours. Bahariya is controlled by pharaonic power from the 6th dynasty, as attested by the presence of mastabas in Balat where the governors of the oases rest. In the Middle Kingdom, the trade region with the Nile Valley; a stele of the twelfth dynasty attests to political relations with Abydos and Thebes. Later, after the fall of the 13th Dynasty, a Kamose stele, discovered in 1954 in the Karnak Temple, tells us that Apopi, king of the Hyksos, sends a message to the Prince of Kush to attack Egypt from the south. The messenger and his message are intercepted by Kamose; Egypt can be reassured. In the 18th dynasty, Thutmose III revamped the control of the desert gardens. The stele of Intef (in the Louver) perceives the name of Abydos, his position over the desert gardens, while legislative heads of the desert gardens go to Thinis (Abydos) and Thebes. Texts found in the tombs 39 and 100 of the Valley of the Kings testify well these exchanges between the capital, Thebes, and the oases. Tourists who come to Egypt prefer to have a Desert Safari Trip to Bahariya Oasis to enjoy one of the most unique Egypt Tours during their stay, or even get to try a White Desert tour from Cairo to have all the information about ancient Egypt and try the travelers choice of the top things to do in Egypt.

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