Amada Temple in Nubia

The Temple of Amada, as well as that of Derr, was also moved between 1964 and 1975 to protect it from the rise of the waters of Lake Nasser caused by the construction of the Aswan High Dam. Discover more here!

Amada Temple in Nubia is still a great place to visit, especially if you try one of our Egypt Lake Nasser cruises during Egypt travel packages. Built by Tuthmosis III and his son Amenhotep II and a hypostyle hall added by his successor, Tuthmosis IV.

Amada temple is the oldest of all the monuments found around Lake Nasser. Dating back to the 18th dynasty of the New Kingdom, the temple predates that of Ramses II and Abu Simbel Temples that were built during the 19th dynasty by about 200 years. Inside, there are important facts relating to Ramses II and his son Merenptah. The temple does not have particularly majestic dimensions, with a hypostyle hall inside which there are still 12 columns, which leads to a chapel dedicated to God Amun and Re-Harakhty, two of the most important gods of ancient Egypt.

The pylon that once stood before this structure has been destroyed. Despite its small size, the temple is worthy of interest for the scenes and the wall representations, including images dedicated to the pharaonic era dating back to the 18th dynasty returning from some victorious military campaigns that probably occurred in Asia and Libya. The discoveries inside the temple of Amada are some of the best-preserved of the whole Nubian region, also for the quality of the original coloring. This is partly due to the treatments and protections made by the first Christians who adopted the site as their place of worship during the beginning of Christianity in Egypt.

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