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Tourism in Egypt

Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Its origins date back to the year 6,000 B.C. The history of ancient Egypt covers about 3,000 years, which is divided into the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms.

Egypt enjoys bizarre geographic isolation which promoted the country throughout ages to have its own specific civilization, thanks to its location to the north-eastern corner of Africa, and stretches to the Asian continent by the Sinai Peninsula, and the Lybian borders and the Western Desert to the West, the Red Sea to the East, The Mediterranean to the North and Sudan, which was part of the Egyptian Kingdom from the pre-historic era, pharaonic era, Greco-Roman era, Christian era, Islamic conquest and as part of the Ottoman Empire, till it finally became independent after the Egyptian revolution of the 23rd of July in 1952- to the South.

We will talk about the most attractive places in Egypt to be visited. At first, of course, will be Cairo the capital the most important you can enjoy the Best Tours in Cairo and many wonderful places to experience. It is also famous for popular environment and nightlife where cafes and Nile Corniche are full with visitors coming to enjoy viewing the Nile in the evening as well as during your Egypt Day Tours in Luxor and Aswan or through Cairo Day Tours is best known with the most luxurious hotels, Egypt Nile River Cruise and the best prices which are suitable for all kinds of travelers seeking budget Egypt Travel Packages.

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