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Gods of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Gods were pretty much like humans, they feasted, loved, got married, hated, killed and even took revenge. This is a comprehensive guide to the Gods of Ancient Egypt that helps you to learn about their names, functions, their consorts, and associated deities!

It is important to understand how the most ancient civilization lived their life thinking that it is only a phase through eternal life after death. the temples, tombs, and ruins of ancient Egypt show us a lot about religion in ancient Egypt. When you plan to travel to Egypt, it is very important to know the complicated deities that have been worshiped by ancient Egyptians. Egyptians believed that everything has a god, so they created all kinds of gods. It is said that there are 740 deities worshiped by ancient Egyptians. A large number of the Egyptian gods were actually animals, which stems from the Egyptian's respect for the magical abilities of animals. For example Horus (Eagle) & Anubis (Jackal). We will try our best to make it simple for you to learn about these mysterious beliefs through a journey to the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Egypt, that shall be a good introduction of your Egypt tours, Egypt Travel Packages, Egypt Luxury tours, Egypt Day Tours, Cairo Day Tours and Cairo day tours from airport. Egypt Travel Guide is such a full guide to learn about the culture and the amazing history of the Nile Valley. You can discover more about our Egypt Vacations below:

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