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Pyramid of Teti at Saqqara

The construction of the Pyramid of King Teti followed the example of the Unas pyramid, the masonry of the center was made with stone blocks embedded in excellent limestone. Some of the blocks of the external frame are still visible on the east side of the pyramid, but the resting place it has been taken away over the centuries by looters, as the masonry in the center was exposed and crumbled, today only a mound of round stones can be seen.

The ancient Egyptian civilization will not stop dazzling us every time our eyes fall on the creations left by the ancients, and despite the fame of the pyramid of King Cheops "the Great Pyramid" and the greatness of building in it, there are other pyramids, at which we stand fascinated by it and the greatness of its owners and its content such as the Teti Pyramid In Saqqara.

The pyramid of Teti who was the founder of the 6th Dynasty (2345-2181 BC). His pyramid is regularly seen during Cairo Day Tours to Saqqara and it was discovered in 1853 by Mariette, but it is mostly a pile of rubble in constant danger of being covered by the sand.

He ruled Ancient Egypt during the old kingdom from 2323 till 2291 BC. His wife, Queen Ipwet, is the daughter of King Unas who was the last king of the 5th Dynasty. The queen was the mother of Teti's heir, King Pepi I. Historians believe that she is the one that gave him the royal power. Almost all the major court officials of King Wenis remained in power during Teti's reign. The king was murdered by his guards for mysterious reasons.

Teti granted more lands to Abydos and his name was inscribed in Hatnub. He built a pyramid in Saqqara one of the most explored archeological sites things to do in Cairo. it is called by modern Egyptians the " Prison Pyramid". Most of his reign was not documented. Egyptologists discovered a statue of him made of black and pink granite. The statue is located at the Egyptian museum. Teti's son-in-law, Mereruka, was also his vizier. The Mastaba of Mereruka is located in Saqqara.

The pyramid of Teti is surrounded by some of the most important Mastabas of Saqqara. The pyramid itself has deteriorated due to human intervention. The burial chamber still Contains hieroglyphic inscriptions engraved in vertical columns representing the texts of the pyramids and inside the King Titi cartridge, he drew dozens of times. The texts are magic spells that guarantee the eternal life of the king and help him to conquer the forces of darkness in the afterlife. Unfortunately, the texts in the burial chamber were almost completely destroyed when the pyramid was used as a quarry in the following ancient centuries

The substructure of Teti's pyramid is similar to Unas', be it that it is slightly larger. The walls of the descending passage are covered with granite. This passage opens into a small corridor chamber, followed by a horizontal passage. Three portcullises were intended to block the passage and prevent robbers from desecrating the burial.

The horizontal passage opens into the antechamber, that is located under the center of the pyramid. To the east is a room with three niches, that perhaps contained some statues of the king. Opposite the three niches, to the west of the antechamber, the burial chamber can be found. But for its lid, which has been broken by tomb robbers, the basalt sarcophagus is very well preserved. It is the first to have had an inscription: a single band of the Pyramid Texts.

As was the case with Unas' pyramid, the walls of the burial chamber, the antechamber, and part of the horizontal passage are inscribed with Pyramid Texts. The texts are far more damaged than Unas', which is due to the poorer state of preservation of the pyramid's substructure.

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