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El Moez Street

Al Mo'ez Street takes its name from the first Fatimid caliph in Egypt, was built as the main road of the great Fatimid city, and while much of it was destroyed following the reconquest of the Sunni caliphate, Street of El Mo'ez managed to preserve its importance throughout history.

El-Moez-Street considered one of the oldest streets and things to do in Cairo especially in Islamic Cairo. Where the greatest architectural treasures in the Islamic world were found. It is an open-air museum.

Al Mo'ez street now contains the most distinguished quantity of the most important Islamic buildings and monuments that are visited usually in Egypt during any Islamic Cairo trips. Going through the heart of Islamic Cairo for its entire space, from Bab al Futuh to Bab Zuweila, we understand how this road is considered one of the most important places in Islamic Cairo.

The northern section of the street stretches from the( Al-Hakim Mosque) which located in the north to the Market at Al-Azhar Street, to the Al-Aqmar Mosque (one of the few well-protected Fatimid mosques), the Qalawun complex.

El Moez Street it is one of the most amazing streets that you can see during the Islamic Cairo tour if you plan any tours to Egypt, when you visit al Moez Street you can discover the Islamic civilization.

The southern part stretches from Al Ghuriyah to Bab Zuweila. A walk down this street, ending with a labyrinth of shops in Khan Al-Khalili.

Al-Muizz Street makes it simple to feel both Islamic Cairo’s history and the modern neighborhood that exists besides this developing architecture while a lot of Cairo Day Tours. The street that moves from ( Bab Al-Futuh to Azhar Street) which it is (next to Khan Al-Khalili) was lately restored.

There has been also a concentration over the lighting of the street at night so that additional light has been added to throw the focus on the buildings of the street.

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