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Cairo Attractions

Get all the information you need about Cairo attractions and its beauty. Come and discover why it is called "The city that never sleeps".

Cairo Top Tours' travel guide is all you demand if you are asking for information about the many historical sites and want to get more enhanced information about Egypt and the top-recommended tours in Cairo for your tours in Egypt. This will assist you to plan your Cairo Day Tours, Egypt Travel Packages, Egypt Luxury Tours, or even if you're having a layover in Cairo. For transit passengers, Cairo transit tours or Cairo day tours from the airport can provide you with suggestions on what to do on your brief stop and still have memorable tours of Egypt.

Read-up on ideas of things to do in Cairo, as well as other nearby cities, famous monuments to see, and all the activities you can do during your Egypt tours. Cairo Travel guide also includes all required details and information during the tour to Giza Pyramids, Coptic Cairo tour, and the Islamic Cairo trips during the Cairo excursions as well as several other Egypt Day Tours and Cairo trips.

You can visit Cairo and enjoy Cairo day tours to visit the pyramids in Giza and the Great Sphinx during the famous tour to Giza Pyramids to see the Pyramids of the most powerful kings of ancient Egypt during the old kingdom, Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerinus who were the descendants of King Snefru founder of the 4th dynasty as mentioned by the historian Manetho who divided and Pharaonic era into 30 dynasties with three kingdoms interrupted by three intermediate periods, all in which started by the time when King Menes unified the two lands of upper and lower Egypt nearly 5100 years ago declaring the beginning of the 1st dynasty. the Giza Pyramids tour should include a visit to the Valley Temple where the mummification process took place as part of the funerary rituals according to the ancient Egyptian religion, a museum at the area is also open for visits with an extra ticket called the Solar Boat Museum and comprises the biggest solar boat found at the funerary complex of Cheops pyramid and lots of sailing accessories.

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