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Aswan Attractions

You won't believe how many things you can do or how many places you can visit in Aswan. Once you are there, we will help you to learn about all the facts related to the many archaeological sites that this historical city can offer!

Here, you will find some of the very unusual details about Aswan city, the city where the Nile River starts in Egypt. Aswan's oldest name is Swani which means the market because of its great position. To the south, it was considered the gate to Africa with all its exotic goods from the stones, ivory, incense, and spices. It contains significant archaeological sites like the Philae temple complex, on the Agilkia Island near the landmark Aswan High Dam. Philae’s ancient ruins include the columned Temple of Goddess Isis. Downriver, Elephantine Island holds the Temple of Khnum, from the third dynasty. It also has the High Dam and the largest non-nature lake called Lake Nasser after the president who ordered to build it.

Aswan's people are so kind and so generous. They have a beautiful smile, greeting personality, and a great attitude, having within them the origin of Egyptian customs and traditions.

Do not wait long to discover Aswan? Aswan excursions give you the chance to enjoy all of its beauty by using Aswan Day Tours during your Egypt Luxury Tours,Egypt Nile River Cruise, Egypt Travel Packages, or Egypt Day Tours. You can also use Cairo Day Tours by flight.

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