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Queen Hatshepsut | Queen of Egypt | The Pharaoh Woman

The Queen of Hatshepsut, who is without any doubt the world's best-known female monarch, is one of the most influential Queens in Egyptian history after Cleopatra VII. The Dora of the princesses, or the concubine of Amun, is known also as the Ghanemat Amun Hatschepsut and its name is considered to be the fifth most important among Kings of the 18th Dynasty.

The Egyptian woman ruled, Hatshepsut, for more than 20 years (1490 - 1468). She was not the first Pharaoh woman; it occurred during the Old Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom for the first time. But in times of crisis, which had followed splendid times, the two Pharaohs formerly reigned. On the other hand, Hatshepsut is the head of the wealthy and strong Egyptian age.

The father's energizing character was inherited by Hatshepsut. She married Thutmose II, his son, who was a little short of his reign (1493-1490). A riot broke out in Nubia during its first year of rule. The Pharaoh is furious that some raiders had robbed cattle and that some tribes had wary of attacking some fortifications. His vengeance is awful. With the army, he goes up to the Nile and killed the insurgents. Just one was saved: the son of a leader whom the winning soldiers were applauded, being taken captive at Thebes (nowadays Luxor).

The young King, with a promising future, dies early. Egypt is in a tough position because of his passing. He is still a boy but is not capable of performing the daunting role for which he is destined. Thutmosis II leaves two daughters and a son, the future Thutmose III. Then, as she says, the regent, Hatshepsut, will rule the country, "daughter of the king, sister of the king, bride of god, great royal bride"

Hatshepsut was a completely traditional regent for the first few years of her stepson's rule. But she was proclaimed king and accepted the full royal titular by the end of her seventh ruling year.

Best Works of Queen Hatshepsut:

The Temple of Hatshepsut is one of Egypt's most important and magnificent ancient sights. The architecture you'll find on the tour to Giza Pyramids is no less complete. Hatshepsut temple was built for the 18th Dynasty and also named Djoser-Djeseru (Pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut). And considering the most ancient accomplishments of Egypt. The temple site itself, which was selected by Hatshepsut, was situated on the west bank of the Nile River, in the capital of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt.

The Temple of El-Dier El-Bahari built by queen Hatshepsut consists of 3 floors:

First floor:

Exotic incense and shrubs in the garden before her temple were introduced to the land of Punt during her trade campaign. Little remnants of this garden now, but one day it must have decorated beautifully with all manner of domestic and international flowers and plants.

Second floor:

The tourists on the second floor can pass the large ramp running through the central portion of the Initiative Courtyard. The entrance to the ramp is flanked by two squirting lion statues. There is a colonnade on the broad terrace, with two square rows leading to the third floor, on both sides of the ramp.

Third floor: Another wide ramp runs from the center of the 2nd courtyard to the 3rd court. You will see a statue of Horus as a falcon stands at both sides of the entrance to the ramp. The upper level of Hatshepsut temple consists of a portico with two rows of columns facing the front behind which there is a central courtyard with small chambers off it.

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