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Netflix documentary on Cleopatra sparks backlash internationally over casting

After adding Cleopatra, the Greek Queen of Egypt, to its list of "blackwashed" historical characters, Netflix received criticism. Jada Pinkett Smith served as executive producer and narrator for the Netflix documentary "Queen Cleopatra," which has drawn criticism for purportedly altering history by portraying Cleopatra as a Black monarch.

The unseen history of Cleopatra's rule and her legacy—stories that have been eclipsed by her romantic relationship with Mark Antony—is purportedly explored in the documentary.

VIII Cleopatra Cleopatra, also referred to as Philopator, was the last reigning monarch of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. She was the only Ptolemaic emperor to study Egyptian, and she belonged to the Ptolemaic dynasty as a descendant of its founder Ptolemy I Soter. Her original tongue was Koine Greek.

Cleopatra is one of the most famous queens that ruled Egypt in the ancient era and is an essential part of the ancient history of Egypt you must know that during your Egypt trips

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Ancient and contemporary works of art continue to honor Cleopatra. She is portrayed in Roman busts, paintings, sculptures, and reliefs, among other works of art. Due to her appearances in Hollywood films and the branding of numerous commercial products, she has evolved into an icon of modern Egyptomania.

Cleopatra is a famous Egypt queen, also There are more than one queen who ruled Egypt in the ancient era, and you can get to know them during your visit to the Valley of the Kings and Queens in Luxor during your Luxor day trips.

Despite being admired today, Cleopatra was seen critically in later Mediaeval and Renaissance literature because to Roman historiography and Latin poetry.

The way that Cleopatra was portrayed by Netflix as a Black queen has drawn heavy criticism for rewriting history. Cleopatra was a Greek queen who ruled Egypt, and the documentary has been accused of "blackwashing" her.

Now that Cleopatra has been whitewashed, the list of historical people in Europe can grow.

Many commentators contend that while it's important to acknowledge historical figures of African descent, it's also crucial to portray them truthfully. They claim that changing Cleopatra's legacy to fit a modern narrative would be disrespectful to the history of other cultures as well as to the Greeks.

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