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King Ramses II | Ramesses II | Ramses the Second

Ramses II is the most famous King of Ancient Egypt who built the Temple of Abu Simbel, the most important one in the 4.500 astronomical events checked in Pharaonic Egypt and distinguished by the occurrence of an astronomical photograph among the 4.500 Templates of Ancient Egypt. Attracted the world's attention when the sun passes over the face of Ramses II inside his temple twice a year.

Ramses the second or best is the Pharaoh who was believed to be the Biblical pharaoh during the Exodus for several years who have chased the Israelites.

Ramses II — nineteenth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh, reigned between 1279 B.C and 1213 B.C. Son of Seti I, he attempted to reconquer the territories of Africa and Asia Minor during the first years of his rule, fighting them to the Hittites, against whom he fought a long war. A contract has been reached that would allow the separated territories of disputed countries and the completion of a marriage between Ramses and King Hittite's daughter, given the inability of either army to achieve a decisive victory. The war was the greater of the two.

The third pharaoh in Egypt's the19th dynasty was Ramses II. Sometimes he is considered the most prominent and powerful pharaoh of the New Kingdom. The Great King was later named by his descendants and Egyptians.

In his late youth, it is believed that he climbed the throne. Manetho (a great historian who classified the history of Egypt in 3 phases, the old kingdom, the middle kingdom, and the new kingdom, disrupted by three cycles, the1st intermediate period, the second intermediate period, and the third intermediate period over the 30 dynasties) links Ramses II with the sixty-six-year era when Egypt ruled prosperity.

Thanks to the exceptional period of his reign, Egyptologists today called by his name his whole dynasty time (the Ramesside Period).

His temples were constructed across the country (The Luxor Temple, the Karnak Temple, the Ramesseum) and his name was carved into the various works of his ancestors, (as Hatshepsut had done), which he possessed illegally; these objects and architecture meant that in each of the world's museums a collection linked to Ancient Egypt is seen by him.

A Great lover, he had an infinite number of sons and daughters who did not hesitate to marry with diplomatic marriages, always to ensure relationship to his reign, and he had many great royal brides; the most beloved was the famous Queen Nefertari, perhaps the most loved and admired, and Isinofret, from whom she had numerous children, and her hair to the throne (the thirteenth son Merenptah, who was the only survivor among his brothers).

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