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King Menkaure | Mycerinus

After his father's death, King Chafre took the throne as King Menkaure, the fifth king of the dynastic IV from the ancient kingdom of Ancient Egypt. He built Giza's third-biggest pyramid. He may have unexpectedly passed away, which is why the building of this pyramid was completed by his son Shabskav.

King Mycerinus:

The Pharaoh was regarded as a son of king Chephren and queen Khamernebti I. He got married younger to his sister, who had been the future Khamernebti II. He bore him the son of Khunre, possibly who had died at a very young age. He was the third greatest pyramid in Giza, Necropoli, and finished the Great Age of Architectural Magnificence. Two other wives have been married to King Mycerin, but historians know none of their names. The young Shepseskaf, his father's successor on the Egyptians, called him one of these wives, and the other, Khentkaus I, had his son. The other woman may have married Userkaf, the first king of the 5th Dynasty. His daughter was king of the other.

Best Works of King Mycerinus: Later Mycerinus was regarded as a generous and wise Ruler, in contrast to Cheops and Chephren. This may have been because it's slightly less than half the size of those two massive Pyramids was constructed next to the Cheops and Chephren pyramids in Giza.

There are nonetheless potential explanations if it is true that we have not obtained any explanation indicating the reasons for a sudden and visible decline. For instance, as the majority of real craftsmen were busy in buildings and sculpture sculptures, the resources of Mycerinus were now reduced to the bone; moreover, five large pyramids were definitely emptied from the royal treasures in the previous four kingdoms.

Mycerinus may also not have thought that a pyramid of monumental proportions is at all appropriate. The shift in death-related theological concepts may have contributed to the fact that funerary temples were considered vital than the actual tomb, and, in fact, the Mycerinian funeral temple, relative to its pyramid, may have been only overcrowded, or maybe even wary, in doubt of survival, by the Pharaoh.

When Mycerinus died and only his successor Shepseskaf had partly finished, the pyramid of Mycerinus, which you will see in the tour of the Giza Pyramids was not completed. The top part was completed in Turah's now conventional fine limestone, but 16 runs were left untrained in the lower part. This may indicate, at least for Mycerinus pyramid, that the outside case has been shifted from top to bottom and that the ramp used to carry heavy blocks of red granite to the top is possibly gone.

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