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Chephren | King Khafra

For over 18 years, he is said to have ruled. King Khafre left us a lovely diorite statuette, which is now in the Egyptian Museum, and he wanted to build in Giza a huge pyramid-like his father Khufu's pyramid. He decided to build a large pyramid.

King Chephren, son of Cheops:

He is the second son of King Cheops, who came back to Giza Necropolis to construct the second largest pyramid in the region, so you can see it entirely from different angles on tour to Giza Pyramids, this gigantic structure is unfortunately overshadowed by the work of his father.

On the same plateau where the 4th dynasty kings built such unparalleled architectural marvels that even their short predecessors could not replicate themselves, King Chephren constructed his pyramid smaller than the great pyramid of Cheops.

After his elder brother Djedefre, who apparently constructed his pyramid in Abo Rawash around 2570 B.C., King Chephren of the 4th Dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypte ruled. His uncle, the builder of the last pyramid, in Giza, Mycerinus, succeeded him for more than two decades (nearly two hundred years).

The Greek historian and architect Manetho said that a Pharaoh known as Bikheris shortly succeeded Khafre, but little information is known about this ruler. In the papyrus of Westscar, there is no inscription or mention to tell us more about the successor of Khafre. However, a number of objects recently found confirm that Menkaure was his father's immediate successor.

Khafre is well-known also as Khefren, or Chephren, which is a corruption of the ancient Egyptian name of the Pharaoh by Greeks who found it difficult to use the Egyptian word to say the king's name, the Greek name was adopted by the English man subsequently.

A sculpture made considerable progress during the reign of Chephren so that while several of his sculptures have previously been recycled, we still have some pictures of this mighty and trustworthy dictator. However, Chephren is recognized universally thanks to the face of the Sphinx. It was carved into the living rock to hold the ramp leading to the Khefre Pyramid, and it was renowned for being a steady monarch, with its lion body and human head which was meant to represent royalty and sun symbols. After the pattern that his father King Cheops began, he shut down many of the temples.

The Chephren pyramid was the last of the great pyramids. His son and heir, Micronus, was pleased with a definitely less imposing construction; his pyramid is only 66 meters high and roughly one-tenth of that of his grandfather.

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