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Cairo Top Tours

Have you ever been imagining about the Eastern magic? If you're planning to visit Egypt, then you should consider adding the Egypt Nile River Cruise Tours to your bucket list, as it is a very unique experience during Egypt Tours that is not comparable with any other things to do in Egypt. As it is one of the Classic tours in Egypt, that all travelers would like to cruise the Nile River during Christmas tours in Egypt or while the best weather during Easter tours in Egypt. Covering most of Luxor day tours in addition to Aswan excursions, that is why Egypt Nile cruises are meant to be Egypt's best tours for those who seek culture, history of Egypt, and luxurious accommodation while sailing the Nile Valley.

You can visit Cairo and enjoy Cairo day tours to visit the pyramids in Giza and the Great Sphinx during the famous tour to Giza Pyramids to see the Pyramids of the most powerful kings of ancient Egypt during the old kingdom, Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerinus who were the descendants of King Snefru founder of the 4th dynasty as mentioned by the historian Manetho who divided and Pharaonic era into 30 dynasties with three kingdoms interrupted by three intermediate periods, all in which started by the time when King Menes unified the two lands of upper and lower Egypt nearly 5100 years ago declaring the beginning of the 1st dynasty. the Giza Pyramids tour should include a visit to the Valley Temple where the mummification process took place as part of the funerary rituals according to the ancient Egyptian religion, a museum at the area is also open for visits with an extra ticket called the Solar Boat Museum and comprises the biggest solar boat found at the funerary complex of Cheops pyramid and lots of sailing accessories.

The method of how the pyramids were built is still a mystery, but most of the ancient Egyptian Mythology was to the famous gods of ancient Egypt as they believed in resurrection and life after death, the stone burial tombs started by the attempt that was done by the genius architect Imhotep who constructed the Step Pyramid complex for King Djoser in Saqqara during the 3rd dynasty very near to the Pyramid of Teti, King Teti ruled Egypt during the 6th dynasty and his son in law has a beautiful tomb known as the tomb of Kagemni as one of the tombs of the nobles. Very near to Saqqara is the archaeological site of Dahshur where 2 of the most glorious pyramids stands, the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid by King Snefru who also has a third pyramid known as Meidum Pyramid, more pyramids are also located in an area known as Abusir date back to the 5th dynasty.

The Alabaster Sphinx in Memphis is the second largest among the sphinxes in ancient Egypt, standing at the center of the open-air museum along with other artifacts made for the legendary King Ramses II of the 19th dynasty during the new kingdom. The Mummies Room inside the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square is also one of the best-recommended things to do in Cairo, not to forget that the New Grand Egyptian Museum that will be inaugurated in 2020 will be the largest museum in the world. Also, another type of excursions in Cairo is the Islamic Cairo trips which take place in the area of Islamic Cairo where Khan El Khalili Bazaar and the Al Fishawy Cafe in Khan El Khalili, Al Azhar Mosque, Al Hussein Mosque, Wekalet El-Ghouri, and other monumental mosques and gates of Egypt like Bab Zuweila and the famous El Moez Street, the Sultan Hassan Complex, Ibn Tulun Mosque, Al Rifai Mosque, and the Alabaster Mosque of Muhammed Ali that was built in 1805 by Mohamed Ali Basha, founder of Modern Egypt inside the Saladin Citadel, Saladin who is the famous Muslim ruler who fought against the crusaders in the 12th century.

The area known as Coptic Cairo where the informative Coptic Cairo tour takes place is also very interesting for having the oldest churches built at the dawn of Christianity in Egypt along with the ruins of the Roman fortress of Babylon which dates back to the 1st century A.D, the Hanging Church, the Coptic Museum, the Abu Serga Church, and the Jewish Synagogue of Ben Ezra. Also, the Monastery of Saint Simon The Tanner is another beautiful monastery cut into the Moqatam Hills. Cairo downtown is full of life, you can pay a quick visit during your Egypt Day Tours to the Cairo Tower that was built between 1956 and 1961 and designed by Egyptian architect Noam Shabib very near to Qasr El Nil Bridge where you can take a Felucca Ride on the Nile River to see the beauty of Cairo by Night or enjoy a Nile dinner cruise in Cairo with a belly dancing and Tanoura dance show.

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