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Alexandria Attractions

Imagine that you have a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea while standing on the land that witnessed civilizations from ancient Egypt, Romans, Greeks, Christian and Islamic cultures. Where can you find such a thing? In Alexandria for sure.

During your tours in Egypt and learn more information about the shining pearl of the Mediterranean maybe after you finish the regular tours in Cairo and the Giza Pyramids tour like the famous tour to Giza Pyramids, the churches and mosques of the Islamic Cairo trips and the Coptic Cairo tour. So if you find yourself wondering where to go next, look no further than our day tour to Alexandria from Cairo. The city of Alexandria was established by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C as he fell in love with the city to the extent that he chose to give it his own name. Alexandria has a unique history that is entirely different from many other cities in Egypt where you will find a lot of similarities between the sightseeing and the history of Egypt. Alexander the great was heading to visit the Temple of the Oracle of God Amun who was the most significant among the gods of ancient Egypt at the Siwa Oasis. He stopped overnight at the village of Racotis and decided that this location was to be the spot where a great city would be built. He directed one of his architects to build it. Alexander proceeded his way to Siwa to consult the oracle about his destiny and then left Egypt to battle against the Persians in Asia. The city was not finished until the reigns of Ptolemy I, (Soter "the Saviour"), and his successor Ptolemy II (Philadelphus) that the buildings of the city were completed and it became the main capital of Egypt. Alexandria has the most magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a land that witnessed civilizations from ancient Egypt, Roman, Greek, Christian, and Islamic cultures.

Visiting Alexandria is a part of our Egypt Luxury Tours, Egypt Travel Packages, and Egypt Day Tours. It can also be added to our Cairo Day Tours. Come and see Alexandria for your tours in Egypt and behold the beauty and charms of this wonderful city.

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